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You (v2.0)

March 17, 2013

I am a wreck without you.

I am a boat washed ashore with no crew. A car with no engine, a plane with no fuel, a man without a purpose.

I always want to feel your warm fingers on my cheek, your soft lips on mine.

Your kiss could cure the cancer eating away at me. Your lips could calm the savage beast within me when the red mist ascends. Your eyes could melt a thousand icebergs.

The way you always pulled the cover up over me when I was sick, or held me when I was too weak to stand.

The way you cared for me when the world was already black.

Your heart beat against mine. Your breath on my face. Your fingers at my back, when we are lying on the couch.

It tickles.

The way your fingers interlocked into my own, and the squeeze when you pulled closer.

The way you weren’t afraid to show affections for me when everyone else was turning their back on me.

The way you cared for the words that came from my mouth, and didn’t spit them back in my face like the others.

Every song makes me think of you. The rhythm, the tune, the music, the voice, the lyrics, they all remind me of you who was with me then.

Every sound reminds me of you.

Every sensation makes me want to be with you.

I feel empty like a hole when you are a million miles away, the only memories of you those special that will always be in my mind.

In my dreams.

I grow old with you.

I die with you.



From → Journal

  1. I like this piece, Daz! Great honesty and openness!

  2. Thanks mate…. I just wrote down what was in my head at the time 😉

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